Quick and Easy Updos for Curly Hair

Easy prom updos for curly hair for women with short hair

Curly hairs are categorized into unique hair type that requires special hairstyle to enhance your good look. Fantastic curly hairs modified into splendid hairstyle that sting out soft texture force you to be creative. Easy updos for curly hair are appropriate for classic or modern flair. Classic curly hair updo is very complicated. That is why many women prefer modern curly hair updo to classic one. Easy updos for curly […]

Micro Braids Hairstyles for Unique and Detailed Braids

Micro braids hairstyles for medium hair with beads for little girl

Micro braids hairstyles are indeed different with other braids because the size of the braid is so tiny and small, which results on hairstyles which are unique and more detailed. Micro braids or commonly called as small braids are good to give sleeker and smoother look because of the size of the braid, unlike other braids which are larger like big box or others. Micro braid styles are actually divine. […]

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair for the Brides 2014

Wedding curly hairstyles for short hair with crown and veil

Wedding hairstyles for short hair are not always limited and boyish. In fact, there are so many hairstyles which are so feminine and graceful for the brides with the short hair. For this year, here are some short hairstyles for weddings which you can try. First, you can try the charming short locks which give more textural look to your hair. For this, wear some accessories to stand out your […]

Cute French Braid Hairstyles for Long Length Hair

Cute French braid hairstyles with pigtail for women

Girls are fond of cute hairstyles and French braids are totally recommended for that. Cute French braid hairstyles can be done with various lengths, but with long hair, the variations will be wider and bigger. From simply do the pony, you can have French braid hairstyle for your front hair. You can simply braid your long pony; side French braid which will make your long pony is more stunning and […]

Small Box Braids Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Small box braids hairstyles for black women with short hair

Small box braids hairstyles give softer and smoother look for the appearances of the hair. For that, many teenage girls will prefer these hairstyles because it also gives wide variety of ways to style the hair. Then, teenage girls are really fond of hairstyles which are not too much and not too striking, it means that simply small box braids which are combined with side swept style or high ponytails […]

Long Box Braids Hairstyles for Women with Sexy and Exotic Look

Long box braids hairstyles for black girl with hat

Long box braids hairstyles are always suitable for women who want to look sexy, exotic and indeed sleek. Since hair is the crown of all women, it is necessary to treat hair rightfully. For that, long box braids are available for women with natural curly hair types. Simply, mostly hairstyles will let their long curly hair to be braided and then with the style of high ponytail it will give […]

Women’s Curly Mohawk Hairstyles for the Most Special Hair Look

Big curly Mohawk hairstyles for short hair

Mohawk is not applied by men only, but also women. There are women’s curly Mohawk hairstyles that have been designed by hairstylists for women. This kind of hairstyle gives the most special hair look. The center hair from front until back of the head will grow and the both sides hair is cut clean or very short. The remaining hair will be curled. It creates really special hair look but […]

Exotic Medium Hairstyles for Black Women

Asymmetrical medium hairstyles with highlight for black women

Black women have exotic skin color. It will be better to be supported with the exotic hairstyles. The black women will be more interesting in front of the other people with their special characteristics. The exotic medium hairstyles for black women will be seen really nice for the women. They will be more confident if they have beautiful and interesting hairstyles. Hair look should be considered well because it is […]

Side Part Hairstyles Women for Tidy Look

Side part braided hairstyles women with long hair

Having the tidy look of the hair style can be achieved if you have the side part hairstyles women. This is a kind of hair style which is strongly recommended for the mature women. Actually, there are so many kinds of hair styles for them. But this is chosen for the reason that the mature women should have the tidy look. That is why we also recommend this style for […]

The Unique Long Mohawk Hairstyles

Highlight long Mohawk hairstyles with braided for straight hair

This is not strange to hear Mohawk hairstyles. This is one of the hairstyles which cut both sides hair and remain the hair on the center of the head starts from the front until the back. Usually, the remaining hair will be designed with the hair gel so it can stand vertically. Have you ever seen the unique long Mohawk hairstyles? This is more unique than the common Mohawk hairstyles. […]